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The Sperientia with our services

Some testimonials from our client relationships:

Experiencia: Testimonials
Testimonios | PatyOrtega | Sperientia [studio+lab]®

Patty Ortega
Senior UX Designer

"I have had the pleasure and honor to have Dr. Victor M. González as my professional coach. Since we started the coaching sessions, my whole professional experience has changed. I haven’t only been able to understand more my role as a UX Designer but also, learned how to face the challenges that every UX must deal with on a daily basis. He has given me directions on the path I should follow to achieve my professional goals and let me know all the learning material available worth reading. His expertise in the field makes every session a whole new world of knowledge and personal reflection. I’ll always be thankful for having the opportunity to be his coachee."

Testimonios | Karla Reyes | Sperientia [studio+lab]®

Karla Reyes
Rak Solutions Factory

"Victor is not only a great professional, but also an extremely talented person. I have been able to learn a lot from him, from all his knowledge and extensive experience in UX, Service Design and Design Thinking. Passionate about his profession and great spirit to share it. Without a doubt, it has been a great experience working with him. I highly recommend him."

Testimonios | Carlos Peraza | Sperientia [studio+lab]®

Carlos Peraza
UX System Architect

"It is a pleasure to recommend Victor M. Gonzalez's work as a consultant. I had the opportunity to interact with him during the generation of our training strategy and his participation in the UX Program. The information he shares is enriching and in line with his experience as an international academic."

Testimonios | Raquel Elias | Sperientia [studio+lab]®

Raquel Elias
Project Coordination
La Salle University Mexico

"Victor offers a deep and very comprehensive view of Design Thinking, enriched with his experience as an international academic and his business acumen. I recommend him for living innovation in higher education institutions and for companies that decide to get into innovation with a foundation."

Flor Argumedo | Sperientia Studio + Lab

Flor Argumedo
Grupo La Comer

"Our collaboration with you has been a great partnership for our e-commerce."

Davis Placencia | Sperientia Studio + Lab

David Placencia

Director Financial Services

"To incorporate the Sperientia team into our organization has been extremely valuable from the perspective of adding capabilities and internal development, strategically addressing our customer-centric product development focus."

Eduardo Mouret Ramirez | Sperientia Studio + Lab

Eduardo Mouret Ramírez

Director of Marketing and Digital


"Dr. Victor Gonzalez is a true cultural hacker. His interventions related to user-driven design and as lead mentor in an internal Hackathon we recently held were highly impactful in helping us transform our culture and start embracing innovation and digital transformation issues"

Testimonios | Geneveive | Sperientia [studio+lab]®

Genevieve Dezso
Senior UX Researcher

"I had the pleasure of working with Sperientia on several projects when my team hired them to help us run regular testing for our Mexico market. I was impressed with how efficiently they operated, quickly turning around research and reports within a 1-week time frame. They provided debriefs, reports, and live translations of important points during research sessions all in English, which made it possible for the non-Spanish-speakers on my team to participate. The reports always included theoretical guidance for the points outlined which was a major advantage for justifying those changes to the rest of our team. Victor's expertise came through strongly with his insightful interpretations and recommendations. He has a skilled team who also offered valuable perspectives. Sperientia had excellent communication, were very responsive to feedback, and were flexible with scheduling. They could handle last-minute and even live research adjustments and changes. They have a great technical setup that allows you to see participants' faces and screens whether the test is for mobile or desktop. Not to mention -- they did all this completely remotely! I highly recommend Victor and Sperientia. They were a huge asset to us, as they would be to any company with customers in Mexico."

Testimonios | Francisco Giral | Sperientia [studio+lab]®

Francisco Giral

"Sperientia is helping us transform company culture and systems by putting the customer first, during and after the design and redesign of all our solutions. For managers who strive to change and evolve our companies, Sperientia is an ally that pushes employees, from the user experience trenches, to evolve and create value for the customer and the company.

Testimonios | Luis Andres Cano | Sperientia [studio+lab]®

Luis Andrés Cano

"We hired Sperientia [studio+lab]® to carry out inspections and usability tests. Few companies work as professionally as they do. They gave us very positive results that helped us to improve our platform infinitely".


Organizations we serve with our Sperientia

Experiencia: Clients
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