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The team of Leads and Co-Leads Researchers / Researchers of Sperientia Labs [studio + lab] ® in September 2021 

About us

Sperientia: [Studio + Lab] ® is a consulting and research company specialized in helping organizational leaders establish innovation strategies focused on the customer/user experience to design and develop better products and services.  We help companies in Mexico, the United States, and Latin America and serve organizations in sectors such as retail, logistics, health, government, telecommunications, and finance.
Our services help you achieve the following goals:
- Better understand who your customers/users are and what they need
- Better understand how your customers/users interact with your products / services and your business
- Inform the design of your digital products with the knowledge of psychology and sociology that define the use of your products and services
- Define the team that creates the digital product/service and its interactions with the rest of the organization
- Motivate a culture of innovation in your organization for the design of a digital product / service focused on people

Sperientia has a team of more than 40 researchers organized in four professional research laboratories, two design studios, and two labs of apprentices.  Our staff has professional experience and academic preparation in areas such as informatics, design, communication, marketing, psychology, anthropology, physics, economics, computing, sociology, and other disciplines, which allows us to offer a rich perspective for an investigation that in methods and focus is designed with broad spectrum vision.  

Sperientia is made up of collaborators distributed in different cities in Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil. 

If you want to join the Sperientia [studio+lab] ® team, you can do it through different models:

Apprentices: Every semester, we open a call for recent graduates with undergraduate university degrees (undergraduate / engineering) to participate in the training and professional development program as a researcher at Sperientia. It is a 6-month program, remote or face-to-face, paid (scholarship) and full time.  

Graduates of Master and Doctorate: The call is permanently open for people recently completing their postgraduate studies in Mexico or abroad in areas related to the research we do in Sperientia. It is a short-stay program (3-12 months) with the aim of developing a post-master or post-doc stay, paid (scholarship), face-to-face (San Andrés Cholula) and full time.

Administrative positions : We are looking for people who fill roles that allow us to reach the highest levels in business management. We have an excellent administrative team covering areas of finance, accounting, human development, legal, sales, strategy. We regularly open positions in this area, and we are particularly interested in attracting parents who wish to continue their professional development and combine it with other personal activities that demand their attention.
  It is a part-time, remote (from anywhere) scheme,  and paid. 

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