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Jobs To Be Done:  Interviews on needs, objectives and purposes when taking a course on Bitcoin and Blockchain.


On  Sperientia [studio + lab] ®  We guide our research projects and our operation through the Theory and Practice of Jobs-to-be-Done.


This report is an example of the type of application that can be achieved in terms of defining the purpose that a digital service can have. In turn, it frames one of the most common problems when designing innovative services or products, such as the conflict between what they offer and what users really need; This is because the design focuses on the functionalities of the products and not on the user.


The Theory of Jobs-to-be-Done and its application framework in the context of research for the design of the user experience, represents an important advance for the innovation of digital products and services.


Through the perspective of jobs, companies can better understand and articulate the connection between the needs of the people they serve (customers / users) and the way in which the characteristics of their products and services meet their needs. purpose. The mapping of functionality (features) to specific jobs, and marked with precise adjustment elements regarding the way the job should be served, allows defining, designing, evaluating and maturing digital products and services.


If you wish to receive information on how to apply Jobs-to-be-Done to improve the experience of your users and clients, contact us:


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Report - Jobs To Be Done: Bitcoin and Blockchain

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