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Kavak website review 

KAVAK website remote usability test

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This report presents  the results obtained from the Remote Usability Testing of the KAVAK website, which is a  online platform that offers experiences  of buying and selling preowned cars in Mexico. These tests were performed  in order to evaluate the processes involved in the search and purchase of a pre-owned car on the KAVAK platform, identifying whether the content and tools provided by this site facilitate the purchase process.


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The study was conducted  with five (5) participants who did  five specific tasks such as  search  of a car with certain characteristics, counting on a  determined down payment budget, interact with the financing calculation tool, as well as the possibility of generating an appointment to verify the car personally. 


The main findings of this study are: 

1. The participants expressed the absence of certain specific information, which was not available to be consulted at the time of request.

2. Users showed distrust of the site because it was an unknown brand for them, which could have a negative impact by providing sensitive data, carrying out procedures and / or making a purchase.

3. Users tended to confuse the appointment sections with setting aside a car and had difficulty clearly understanding the purpose of the cost, since they perceived that to see a car it was not necessary to pay and feel committed. 

4. Participants found the KAVAK site confusing when defining its purpose and scope within the site.

5. Users had difficulties in being able to personalize their financing in the table provided by the site, as it was a difficult tool for them to handle.


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KAVAK website remote usability test

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