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How can I do user experience (UX) research remotely? How can I do it when my team is working from home? On  Sperientia: [studio + lab] ®  we put together a guide to answer those questions.

Remote Investigation in Complex Times
Guide to making user experience evaluations

Sperientia: [Studio + Lab] ®

On  Sperientia: [studio + lab] ®, our researchers design and execute evaluation studies that we do 100% remotely. We evaluate digital products and services from San Andrés Cholula for clients in different cities in Mexico and the United States of America. This has facilitated the recent transition from the COVID-19 pandemic for our team to now work from home.

This document contains recommendations for anyone who wants or should do UX Research remotely. We discuss general aspects of remote research and particular aspects of doing it with a distributed team of researchers.


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Remote Investigation: Guide to Doing User Experience Assessments

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