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Longitudinal Study of Customer Experience

Change of shopping habits on online super platforms due to  COVID-19 lockdown

Sperientia: [Studio + Lab] ®


October 2020


This report presents a longitudinal qualitative study based on contextual interviews to learn about the impact of confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on online grocery shopping practices.


In general, the study shows that people found benefits when using online super platforms, such as saving time and money, control over their purchases, as well as an effective method to avoid contagion or interaction with more people .


The results of this study show that users who have experience with online shopping platforms (Amazon, MercadoLibre, Linio, UberEats) tend to easily make a transition towards purchasing their supermarket online.


From the practices of shopping online during the months of the pandemic, the idea was created in the interviewees that doing the grocery store does not have to be an experience that involves 2 or 3 hours a day and neither that it is necessary to shop every week.


It is also clear that the pandemic has led these interviewees to be more scrupulous in the use of their money and more aware of their spending. People indicate a more prudent use of their resources, with less spending for pleasure or compulsive purchases.


The offer of the online grocery experience and its digital environment, after so many months, has failed to recreate the online experience in basic elements such as variety of products, spontaneity of purchases and the need to see, smell and feel what is will buy.


Research carried out by Sperientia: [Studio + Lab] ®

Interview period: June 5 (1st phase) and September 11 (2nd phase), 2020

Transcript and analysis: June 15-17 (1st phase) and September 28-30 (2nd phase), 2020.


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Cambio de hábitos de compra en las superplataformas en línea

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