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Advice for Innovation

Executive coaching and research services for organization leaders focused on strategic innovation.

Innovation Orgs: Projects
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Executive Coaching and Desk Research

Innovation Orgs: Projects

Sperientia: [Studio+Lab]® offers a Coaching and Desk Research scheme to support executives in their processes of defining strategies for user-centered design, service design, innovation management, comparative market analysis, research of customer and user needs, and design validation of digital products and services. This service is typically divided into two components:

Coaching and Accompaniment of Innovation Strategy in mentoring, training and follow-up sessions in which current challenges facing the organization in terms of Innovation will be analyzed and identified

Desk research, in which we carry out research and analysis on specific topics that the organization considers a priority. The purpose of this scheme is to help executives make decisions, analyze proposals, have arguments, define strategies, prepare presentations and discuss ideas on topics that involve innovation of products and services applying concepts from disciplines such as: Design Thinking, Design of Products and Services Focused on Customer Experience, Research on Customer / User Experience, Marketing (Customer Development) and Product Management (Product Development), as well as the validation of Business Ideas. 

The agenda of topics to be discussed in a coaching session, or to research, usually mixes topics that connect innovation in three following pillars: Desirability from a customer perspective, feasibility from a technology and operations perspective, and feasibility so that everything makes sense from a business point of view. 

You can have complete flexibility to allocate hours to be videoconference sessions or for research work, depending on the time and needs of the client. This service component is typically proposed as a monthly match scheme. 

The service is offered with a minimum contract of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months to redefine a renewal and refocus customer priorities.

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