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Investigation of the Experience

At Sperientia [studio + lab] ® we are specialists in conducting research of the experience that allows you to establish innovation strategies focused on the needs of your clients / users, to create the best products and services.


Sperientia has a team of more than 25 researchers organized in laboratories and professional research and design studios. Working from various cities in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Brazil, our staff has professional experience and academic preparation in areas such as informatics, design, marketing, psychology, anthropology, physics, economics, computing, sociology, and other disciplines. that allows us to offer a rich perspective for an investigation that in methods and approach is designed with a broad spectrum vision .

Methodological Strategies that we use to design your research

Sperientia [studio + lab] ® designs and executes the research you need to solve the questions your business has by integrating methodological strategies such as the following:


  1. Expert Design Audits and Reviews of your digital system (App or Web system) in which a group of specialists takes as an evaluation guide the best heuristics, design guidelines and theoretical foundations to generate a check-up of the experience you provide to your users.  This service takes place in 5 days (1 week).

  2. Remote Usability and User Experience Testing , either with current or potential customers of your business's digital products and services. We explore with them the main tasks and functionality that your organization offers them and we determine the ease and perceived user experience.  This service takes place in 5 days (1 week).

  3. Studies of Remote Contextual Interviews with Users , either with current or potential clients who from their own context (homes, offices) will be able to give valuable feedback on the experience with your products and services and you will be able to know where and how they are used. This service takes place in 5 days (1 week)

  4. Summative Studies of Usability / User Experience (quantitative - large samples) . This service helps you evaluate the performance (behavior) of current or potential users / clients of your digital products and services by performing a quantitative analysis of the experience with a minimum sample of 24 participants and up to hundreds of them. Specific tasks are evaluated and performance aspects are measured such as task efficiency (times), effectiveness in achieving those tasks (success), and levels of satisfaction with experience with metrics such as NPS, SUS, TAM, SUM. This service takes place in 15 days (3 weeks).

  5. Co-Creation, Design and Validation of high-fidelity prototypes. We can work with you to enhance your ideas and translate them into a high-fidelity prototype (digital or physical) that you can validate with 3-5 current or potential clients of your business. Take your most creative ideas into action without waiting for your IT people to prioritize your projects. This service takes place in 10 days (2 weeks).

  6. Needs Modeling Study with Jobs-To-Be-Done. This Research service for strategic innovation tries to discover and define through interviews, surveys and concept evaluations with representative clients / users, the jobs to be done, the user archetypes (People), customer journeys, opportunities to improve your solutions and their value proposition, as well as the benchmark attributes established by users with respect to other alternative solutions (competitors). This service takes place in 25 days (5 weeks).

  7. Field work to study experiences. Through ethnographic techniques (interviews, observations, probes), Sperientia researchers carry out on-site studies (the store, the house, the plaza, the service center) to understand contextual elements of the experience of your users / customers. This service takes place in 10 days (2 weeks).

  8. Information Architecture Analysis: Card Sorting & Tree Testing are methods that we use to improve navigation and findability in your digital product, through remote tests with user groups. This service takes place in 5 days (1 weeks).

  9. Benchmarking of User Experience and Usability. If you are interested in comparing yourself in your market, benchmark studies of performance of digital products or services is what you are looking for. We can make comparisons between what you offer and what your main competitors offer, evaluating the user experience and usability through different metrics (SUS, NPS,  Emotional Engagement, SUM, TAM, etc.) These types of studies are quantitative in nature and allow establishing lines of comparison (benchmark) that facilitate longitudinal comparative analysis to improve your market share and define innovation routes for your business. This service runs  in 25 days (5 weeks).

  10. First impression tests: First click analysis / Desirability test / 5 second test. These tests will allow you to understand the first reactions that a user / customer will have with your digital products or services. The first impression is never forgotten and the first bad experience is never forgiven. This service takes place in 5 days (1 weeks).

Expert Evaluations: Projects
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